Sunglasses Advice

Getting the look

April 9, 2017

Shopping for sunglasses can be a bit of a minefield for some, with many people thinking that you either suit sunglasses or you don’t. Falling into that latter category can be a little tough to take, especially when your sunglass-wearing friends look infinitely hotter in theirs. But the simple truth is, there are sunglasses to suit everyone, it is just a case of knowing what to choose.

Different shapes of sunglasses suit different shapes of face, oval being the face with the most leeway when it comes to UV-blocking experimentation. We couldn’t let you go around squinting your unshielded eyes into the summer sun, nor could we have you ending up on a worst-dressed list either (or looking like a fool by the pool if you aren’t a Kardashian!) so we have compiled a guide to help you out when choosing those summer shades.



Square Face

A strong, broad jaw and equally as broad temple mean your angular, chiselled face can do with some curves to soften it. Try Pala’s ‘Obi’ for a preppy round frame that will block out the rays and your closest sartorial competition, as will softer cat-eye shapes and classic metal-rimmed aviator styles. Curves are key for you.

 Round Face

A round face – equally tall and wide with a rounded jaw – is no worse, or better, than a square face (admittedly it sounds a bit worse). Just treat it the opposite and get some frames with angles. Wayfarer shapes like ‘Neo’ and rectangular frames will work well, and add some angles. Clean, sharp, straight lines are what you need.


Heart-shaped face

A narrow chin and wider temple mean your face needs to be evened out. Delicate downturned frames like an aviator may help to elongate the upper part of your face, but it is generally agreed that cat-eye shapes work best, like our ‘Asha’ style. The narrowest part of this face is the jawline, so any frames that are wider on the top than on the bottom work well. Avoid very round or oversized styles, and remember that cat-eye doesn’t only mean Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, Clubmaster shapes are perfect for both men and women and fit the brief.

  Oval Face

Such fortunate genes! Your oval features – characterised by being symmetrical, both horizontally and vertically and, well, oval – put you in good stead to have a bit of fun. Try everything you like on. Go wild! Square shapes will add angles to your face so try our classic ‘Dayo’ or something flat-topped and futuristic. Cat-eye styles like ‘Amara’ work well too. You might need to be careful with round styles, but you’ll probably suit them too, so good luck choosing just one.